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The Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) will provide learners with a broad foundation knowledge of contemporary business and its practices. It is designed to providelearners with a wide range of managerial skills while at the same time build competence in the area of business studies. The objective of the program is to produce quality graduates in business fields, who will be able to manage businesses facing current and future challenges.   
Graduates of the BBS program will:

  • have a comprehensive understanding of contemporary business practices across all areas of business management.
  • have the ability to use interdisciplinary approaches to solve problems and create new business opportunities.
  • be able to use critical thinking to analyze and interpret information to make informed decisions.

Why you should study BBS at DIU:

  • Bachelor of Business Studies is a four-year Honors program for those learners who intend to make a career in finance, banking, taxation, accountancy, marketing, office management and e-business.
  • Those opting for BBS will learn general business principles, accounting, finance, insurance, law, economy structures and marketing management among other topics.
  • A variety of options are available for learners who wish to pursue further studies after completing their BBS.
  • Chartered Accountancy is a popular choice that learners can opt for further studies who wish to make a career in accountancy and taxation.
  • Professional degrees like CA, CMA and CFA can be chosen in order to specialize in Accountancy.
  • BBS graduates can enroll in MBA.
  • BBS graduates can look for jobs in private as well government sectors such as Financial Services, Insurance, Marketing, Brokerage, Banking, Government banking sector, Accountant Assistant, Tax Assistant, Web developer etc.
  • Students who are taking E-Business as major will find  jobs that are divided into three interdependent fields: a) Market research analysis b) Web Development and c) Web Administration.

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